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Fly killer insect trap (item NO.6601 )

1. Hanging design, easy to install. The metal caver can be taken down , just needs 2 minutes to change glue board.
2. Safety and environmental protection, there is no high-pressure setting, no arc, no noise at work.
3. The light is imported from Netherlands, high temperature pest control special lamp, electrical configuration is reasonable, to maximize the spectral effects play a lamp.
4. Sticky board is suitable for -20 ° --- 40 °, containing attractants.
5. Attractive, slim, wall-mounted (free standing bracket available), compact and unobtrusive, this unit is ideal for use in food preparation areas.
Input voltage : 220 V
Unit size: 480x70x 300 mm
Coverage area (SQM): 100 M2
Size of the glue board: 423x 245 mm
Surface treatment: spraying plastics on surface.

Item No.6605

Input voltage : 220 V
Unit size: 510x80x 310 mm
Coverage area (SQM): 130 M2
Size of the glue board: 423x 245 mm

Material: stainless steel304 body.



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